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Light loads for 45 70 government

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.45-70 and Unique, how hot can I load it?

Log in. Forgot password or user name? Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Obviously it would be the best choice for defense as well. If I get this gun I want to have fun with it and take it to the range without tearing up my shoulder. Can anyone link me to some cheap low recoil rounds, or have any other advice? If this is not the gun I should get then I can grab a for alot less, but woouldnt be good for protection.

SO is there any criticism or advice for a roadtrip,hiking,camp gun? Tags: None. Comment Post Cancel. I just got done working up some cast bullet loads, the bullet is grain with MatchGrade Synthetic Stock Stabilizer instructions. Hold that Forend! Effective Game Killing. Basic Rifle Accuracy and Ballistics. Small Arms Wound Ballistics. The Practical Guide to Reloading. MatchGrade Bedding Products. Video Learning. Military and Police Consulting. Consultation with Nathan Foster.

Help us with a donation. Shooting Tutorials. Film And Author Consulting. Book series reviews. YouTube Gallery. S Government. From aboutarms designers of the world experimented with breech loading firearms and self-contained cartridges. When civil war broke out in North America duringsoldiers of both armies adopted muzzle loading rifles. As both the United States and Confederacy were ill prepared for such a war, soldiers utilized whatever rifles came to hand and well over a dozen brands of rifle found their way into battle.

Interestingly, most of these rifles were. Of the many advantages that the United States of the North had over the South, one great advantage was superior wealth.

At the beginning of the war, the U. S army was able to afford the Springfield. Bythe greater financial strength of the North also enabled units of their Union Army to adopt the new Spencer. The adoption of this rifle, even in limited quantities has been cited numerous times as being paramount in the defeat of the south.

Also at this time, the Henry Rifle Company produced repeating rifles in. S Army itself.Synopsis : Anyone who has worked with the Government with loads using blackpowder, smokeless to match blackpowder performance, or smokeless loads at higher pressure, soon learns that this cartridge offers phenomenal performance.

Indeed, it will forever remain unsurpassed as an overall short-range hunting round and long-range low-velocity target round.

The list of other useful characteristics is long. In the following discussion, I will gloss over a few critical details and I will generalize, but the pertinent facts hold true. Very few things develop in the vacuum; the Government cartridge was no exception. The folks in the ordnance department of the US Cavalry were well aware of the best military cartridge developments worldwide and they were keenly aware of previous developments of Whitworth, in England. Whitworth took the muzzle-loading caplock rifle to a state of perfection that few modern shooters would believe possible.

This picture of the basic Whitworth rifle shows that it is similar to the Hawken and other period muzzle-loading caplock rifles in general layout. What Whitworth did was to perfect rifling and bullet designs and come up with a feasible method of attaching a telescopic sight that would allow convenient long-range shooting he attached the scope to the left side of the gun, which eliminated the cheek weld problem and solved other problems.

Rather than chronicle that gun and the bullets Whitworth developed for it, I will merely note that Confederate marksmen using Whitworth rifles and rather crude telescopic sights came very close to turning the tide of that war.

Handloading 1

They took dozens of Union officers out of action with shots at distances approaching one mile. Those Whitworth rifles were caliber, fired a grain round nose bullet from a barrel with a inch twist, and used a carefully measured charge of 70 grains of the best blackpowder then available Curtis and Harvey, Black Diamond. Posing with the Marlin CB: I tested this rifle with various factory loads and several of my favorite handloads.

My handload using the Lyman grain Flat Nose at fps put ten bullets through one ragged hole at yards, with me using the factory iron sights. My friend, Mike Kelso, now owns this rifle and uses it, very successfully, both for Cowboy Action shooting and elk hunting.

He assures me that it is not for sale! The Government had more developmental testing before the US Military adopted it for chambering in the Springfield rifle than any other US Military battle rifle chambering and cartridge combination has ever had.

They fired literally tons of bullets down range, including penetration testing at yards. Nothing about the final standardized design of the Government cartridge or rifle was left to chance. For example, elevation changes of the Buffington rear sight automatically account for bullet drift.

In my youth, folks still talked about the battle of the Little Bighorn with some fervor. As the guns heated, the cases started sticking in the chamber and extraction became more difficult after each shot. Eventually, most of the guns were rendered useless other than as clubs when the extractors tore through the case rims, leaving the fired case stuck in the chamber.

Immediately after that, and for generations thereafter, folks blamed this on poor extractor design.The traditional. This is a very moderate load that kills well because of the penetration of its big, heavy bullet. It has been used on all North American game, but today should be restricted to use at close range. In an attempt to improve the low pressure. At that velocity, according to Remington figures, the ME is ft.

This makes the about a yard rifle for use on deer size game. More recently, Hornady has included the. These FTX bullets are also available to reloaders.

We found .45-70 Government ammo in stock at the following retailers:

Pertinent information about the. Reloaders with modern single shot rifles can safely exceed the official COL as long as the bullet is not jammed into the rifling when the cartridge is chambered.

The bullets in reloads to be used in magazine fed rifles are usually roll crimped in place, but loads intended for single shot rifles need not be crimped. Lever action rifles are limited to bullets weighing about grains, as heavier and thus longer bullets will not feed through their actions.

The owners of modern single shot rifles, such as the Ruger No. The result is loads that tread on the heels of some African safari cartridges. The handloader will normally load bullets of, and grains, although other bullet weights in the same general ballpark are available. I have had some experience reloading the. According to the sixth edition of the Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading These and the Hornady loads to follow used Winchester brass and Federal primers.

The second level of loads are for modern Marlin lever action rifles. In these loads pressures can run up to 40, cup. These reloads can drive a Hornady grain bullet to a MV of fps with These velocities were taken in the 22" barrel of a Marlin rifle. According to the Hornady Handbook, Sixth Edition, these loads are adequate for ".Log in or Sign up.

light loads for 45 70 government

Mar 12, 1. I'm hoping someone can help me out a little. I have an older 46th edition Lyman Loading Manual that doesn't cover my gr cast bullet and I prefer to stick with cast info. I like the Lyman loading data for various reasons. If anyone has some cast loading data from another source I would welcome that too. TecManMar 12, Mar 12, 2. What rifle are you loading For? MoosemanMar 12, Mar 12, 3. I have gotten a lot of info from the GBO forum on the gun. I will mention I'm not intending to load heavy for many reasons, my loads will be light to moderate levels I just wanted the level 3 loads for referance.

I am more interested though in the levels 1 and 2 right now. I'm not new to reloading, just new to the Mar 12, 4. They should be loaded only in newly manufactured cases that have not been repeatedly fired. Mar 12, 5. Thanks a bunch jimkim, that was exactly what I was looking for.

Just so I'm sure, for the lighter loads did they mention the use of any fillers? I do NOT want to use any loads that use fillers. I need to ask just to be sure. Thanks again. Mar 12, 6. I don't see fillers mentioned anywhere. Mar 12, 7. Thanks jimkim, I appreciate it. Mar 12, 8. Do you have to use ? PurdyMar 12, Mar 12, 9. You been told by the best. Glad I stumbled on this thread. Going to help a friend load up some gr loads for his Marlin guide gun tomorrow.

light loads for 45 70 government

He uses Moderators: HobieAmBraCol. Users browsing this forum: Bing [Bot]buffalorifleDocRock and 6 guests. Paco Kelly's Leverguns. Quick links. Light loads for the. Com Forum. This is a high-class place so act respectable. We discuss most anything here Forum rules Welcome to the Leverguns.

Com General Discussions Forum. We discuss most anything here other than politics Please post political post in the new Politics forum. I am looking for a fairly light target load indoor range for a. I read with interest one of Paco's articles, where he cites a couple of loads including 17g of and 5g of Bullseye. Given the various warnings out there about using low volumes of powder in high capacity cases, are these loads safe?

The Bullseye load especially seems like an awfully insignificant amount. Has anyone out there tried these loads? And if so, are you using any kind of wad or filler to keep the powder in place? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. Re: Light loads for the. Accurate is also good for reduced loads.Log in or Sign up. Aug 14, 1.

Does anyone have or know where I can find load data for. I just want to know how far one can go with it. Last edited by a moderator: Aug 16, LindenwoodAug 14, Aug 14, 2. JonMAug 14, Aug 14, 3. I know the Lyman books list these types of loads, but I don't have any of them and was just looking for some rough information before I got into it.

Longer barrels don't increase pressure, as peak pressure occurs in the first couple inches of bullet travel.

light loads for 45 70 government

In any case, I know it is actually pretty common for people to shoot these types of reduced loads in. However, they usually don't push the loads that fast, and most people seem to use much heavier bullets.

But I've found loads showing, off the top of my head, something like 16gr of powder giving maybe fps with a gr bullet, with a peak pressure of 26k PSI. BTW, technically Unique was originally marketed as a reduced-load rifle powder. I only ask because I've been considering getting a lever action and was just curious how versatile it could be using Unique as the primary powder. Of course, if I really wanted to hotrod I would naturally use more traditional powders, but Im just curious how far one can go with Unique.

.45-70 U.S Government

Last edited: Aug 14, Aug 14, 4. Aug 14, 5. Aug 14, 6. At the moment I only use Unique but was thinking about picking up an in. Most of my research says fillers arent necessary or recommended with Unique.

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